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Styling Short Hair With Comb

When a lady wants to look stunning for a special occasion, she is often willing to spend hours waiting for a beautician to create a special look. You can master a hair stylists' quick tips of comb placement to create an elegant hairstyle for that special event. Follow the steps to use combs and style like a pro.
Instructions :1 Select a very small comb. Push it into the hair on the side of the head to catch all the little short hairs. 
2 Leave your bangs down. Know that the small comb is a good solution if you are growing your bangs out. 
3 Use two combs if you are getting married, if you are in bridal party or if you are attending other special occasions. 
4 Push combs gently into the hair on the side of the head. Try to not get little short hairs. 
5 Turn to the other side and gently push the comb in. Pull your hair back and make sure it is smooth. Hold the hair in place. Push the comb in for a dressy look. 
6 Give your short hair style more lift on the sides. Select combs. Pull the hair back and up. Place a comb against the area where you want it and push the comb into the hair.
7 Turn attention to the other side of the head. Lift your hair up slightly above the hair on the other side. Pull hair back while keeping it flat. Put the comb against the area where you want it placed and push it in.
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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Simple Steps to Get Super Sleek Hair

Super Sleek Hair

If you are tired of spending over thirty minutes blow-drying, teasing, and tweaking your hair every time you get out of the shower, then it might be time to try something new. By following these simple steps, you can test whether super sleek hair is right for you. In addition to looking like a supermodel, you will save some of that precious socializing time by cutting your styling minutes in half!

After washing your hair, it is important to thoroughly dry it with a towel that is not rough to the touch. This will allow you to remove a majority of the moisture from your hair without drying it out or damaging. Remember, the more moisture you remove from your hair using a towel rather than a blow-dryer, the less dry it will be. Secondly, you should apply your choice of hair cream. Mousses and gels will not give you the same effect, in fact, they will make your turn out completely differently, so be careful with your product choice.

Here comes the fun part! After you douse your hair in product, blow it try upside down. Be sure to use one hand to smooth your hair as it is drying, but do not over dry your hair! Going crazy with the blow-dryer can cause some serious damage and dryness. Lastly, if you’re hair is stubborn and likes to frizz up, you can smooth and shape the ends with your choice of round brush. This process is simple and will turn your sleep hair into super sleek hair!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Female Short Hairstyles 
 Kirsten Dunst's Hair Style:Actress Kirsten Dunst wears a smart, attractive hair style. Her short, wavy hair is parted on the side with bangs combed neatly above the forehead. It's a rounded, almost boyish look, curving in at the neck and leaving the ears free.

Very Short Hair Styles 
Fashy Jessica claimed  to have life changing good for a makeover of Maria Ozawa's rusting hairdo with black hair extensions. Surprised Maria defended herself by claiming her hairdo being one of the awesomely cool, punk, funky emo hairstyles for girls who wear colored contacts or cheap contact lenses.

Cute Short Hair Styles

Cute, short haircuts are all the rage this summer season as they can go from day to night, from the beach to the office in a flash. While styling cute short haircuts and seeking a look that is right for…

Short Hairstyles  
A short hairstyle can be a bold statement and is also a style that can not necessarily be pulled off by just anyone. If you decide to go with short hair your biggest challenge can be keeping it feminine.

Short Hair Styles of Jessica Alba 
Restyling herself with one of the female celebrity haircuts would surely help to gain on self respect thought Evelin as she carelessly dreamed about  cute, short haircuts of Jessica Alba.  She imagined how she would become more courageous and successful, if she manages to match her round, edgy face to one of the trendy celebrity hairstyles that make any women more beautiful.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

emo sense of style

emo hairstyles
The emotional punk movement, more popularly known as “emo,” espouses a person’s uniqueness, individuality, and freedom of expression. A person who can genuinely be described as emo does not only appreciate emo music, but also lives out the emo way of life through his daily actions and through his sense of fashion.

The girl on the picture seems to take on an emo sense of style and fashion, as is apparent from the way she dresses up to the way she fixes and styles her hair. Some of the usual features and characteristics commonly associated with emo hairstyles are seen present here: the long, straight side-swept bangs, combed over to one side of the face, partially covering one eye; multi-colored, brightly-hued highlights and lowlights all over the head.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Top Celebrity Hair Styles For 2010

When planning your next trip to your hairstylist for a new "do", celebrity hair styles are helpful sources of inspiration. Celebrities are typically forward-looking of what's latest and trendy. They are trend setters that help you decide on what style to follow. You can always hear others say that they want the hair style similar to this particular celebrity. Even to the simplest style that celebrities have, people always consider the look to be something appealing.

Every celebrity has a different hair style and different methods of sustaining such style. Nowadays, celebrity hair styles seem to be changing too fast, too soon. Just like technology, nothing stays the same for long. This is vital when choosing a hairstyle. You have to have a hairstyle that is "sustainable", in a manner of speaking. Color has also become quite significant in this year's line up of top celebrity hair styles. Come to think of it, colors look like they're geared up for the limits this year.

 Eva Longoria Parker's style may not always be the trend setter or cutting edge quality we're looking for; but her locks can never be criticized for always looking so well-groomed. She may have her waves long and loose or she may be graciously sporting a flawless updo. Whatever she does, her hair never fails to amaze other with its super shiny tresses that everybody covets. Her styles may not always be on trend and cutting edge but Eva Longoria Parker's locks never look anything but well groomed. Whether she's sporting an elegant updo or leaving her waves long and loose, her hair is always super shiny and highly covetable.

Celebrity another hairstyles

Blake Lively, Gisele Bundchen and Kim Kardashian all love the tousled look! And why not considering how easy it is to create and how sexy it looks. So how does one achieve this popular look?
Wash your hair with a voulmizing shampoo. Once rinsed, spread volumizing mousse evenly through wet hair and finger comb it. Towel dry hair. Try not to use a blow dryer because that will straighten your hair and take away the natural look. Once the hair is almost completely dry, take a mid-sized curling iron and wrap some of your hair around it, hold for 15 seconds, release and let it cool. Loosen the curls with your fingers.
If you’d rather not use heat, try medium-sized curlers when your hair is still damp. Allow them to dry and then remove the curlers. Separate the curlers with your fingers. Finish with a lightweight hairspray, styling wax or balm. And viola! Hey, Blake Lively has made this look famous and who doesn't want their 15 minutes.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Trends in Celebrity Hairstyles

Latest Trends in Celebrity Hairstyles

Latest Trends in Celebrity Hairstyles
Fashion trends have their stem in Hollywood and Bollywood. Whether it is the way in apparel, hairstyles, shoes, accessories or whatever other characteristic of example and style it is every from the movies and T.V shows. Celebrities have developed a niche on the papers of example and fashion. Celebrity hairstyles crapper be sourced from whatever of the style magazines, ethnic gatherings, internet, or even the award shows of the stars. Most of the current trends in the hairstyles are reflection of the hairstyles that models and celebrities wear. The first persona model or the style way setter that ever comes to the nous is Jennifer Aniston who has pioneered sedu hairstyles. With the introduction of sedu flat shackle it became easier to attain the natural, long, soft tresses. Sedu celebrity hairstyles that use a patented ionic technology are the stylish style trend. These hairstyles could be daylong or short. Among every the favourite celebrity hairstyles Jennifer Aniston sedu hairstyle has reached the peak of popularity. What makes the celebrity sedu hairstyles so favourite is a big question. The simple answer to that is the sedu shackle or the Jennifer Aniston hair straighter that is a compounding of power and innovation.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Short Black Hair Styles for Brunette Women
Thinking deep Rihanna Fenty relaxed her heavy head as she leaned back into her soft leather chair of brown color. Personal thoughts about life and relationships flooded her tired brain. Regretful questions began to travel between Rihanna Robyn Fenty's synapses of memory without providing meaningful answers to her funky mind. She asked herself if she could have been happier, if she chose to do different in the past. She asked herself if she could be like one of those naturally happy black women from the latest fashion pictures of short black hair styles for women who have fulfilling relationships.

Missing to find answers to her personal questions Rihanna Fenty decided to talk to her flexible friend Beyoncé Giselle Knowles. She chose to invite her to a personal meeting, because Beyonce was one of the happiest female friends in the urban circle of her African American friends with natural black brown hair styles for women.

The elegant beauty of Beyonce's new black hair extensions made the healthy heart of Robyn Fenty to beat faster as Miss Knowles arrived in front of her private home. A warm smile with a facial kiss and a formal hug made her heart to beat even faster. The happily smiling girlfriends proceeded into a secret garden of flowers where Rihanna hoped to ask for answers to her urgent questions. In the garden, the attractive duo sat down at a wooden table that was already decorated with food and tea.

Actively excited Beyonce noticed a hidden desire in the dark brunette eyes of Miss Fenty as she drank yet another cup of exotic tea from the brilliant brand of Her female intuition was confirmed as Robyn started to complain that she tried to do everything that she could to become happy, but felt rather disappointed with her personal life. The slightly surprised Miss Knowles turned into confusion, because she alway believed that Rihanna was one perfect example for happy women with short brunette hairstyles.

Trying to understand Beyoncé Knowles asked Robyn Fenty why she felt unfulfilled, because it was not easy for her to accept that Robyn's natural black hair colors were smartly deceiving about her inner happiness.
The professional Rihanna explained that she felt a pressing desire to become like one of the happy female friends from her family album with pictures of haircuts for Asian women.
Helpful Giselle Knowles instantly understood the situation. In a beautiful warm voice she said: "You have been trying to make other people happy by becoming someone that they expected you to become. You have been living like a stereotype of a stylish, trendy, popular girl from the cute pictures of short haircuts for black women." The round face of Robyn curved itself into an apparently helpless shape. She began to speak slower in an embarrassed voice, so as if she was pushing every word out of her mouth. The words became too heavy to be spoken out. She said: "I felt better by making everyone around me happier, so I did what was expected of me".

Softening Beyoncé replied in a wise voice: "No need to be embarrassed for making people happier." You can still do it, but you need to become more natural and more open to yourself. Embracing yourself by changing your artificial appearance with one of the natural brunette women's new haircuts will help you to become naturally happy again. Embracing the natural beauty generally helps hip, modern people of female origin to feel easy, relaxed and satisfied with life.

Emotionally unfreezing Rihanna blinked her hazel brown eyes with a glimmer of hope. Her inner intuition made her feel good about the wise words of Beyoncé Knowles. Growing in trust she asked how she could find out what was natural for her, because after long years of styling herself for others she forgot how to be open about her own preferences.

Wildly smiling Beyoncé suggested to invite a female hairdressing stylist who could restyle her edgy head with one of the short haircut styles for black hair in a comfortable atmosphere of her own home. The idea of a personal hairdressing party seemed convincing, so the haircutting stylist was invited for a visit on a sunny Friday afternoon. The warming sun, the latest music and the familiar atmosphere of her home helped Rihana to relax so that she was able to discover her personal look in the numerous pictures of black hairstyles for round faces. She felt it to be natural, easy and simple for her to wear. The cut was done on the same day.

Two weeks after her change Robyn Fenty seemed to be transformed into a different person who enjoyed life in every second and under any weather conditions. Her inner happiness attracted good people to her side, which was making her to feel even better. The change to a shorter style helped her to become happy with herself. She started to express herself creatively in an open way that felt natural and simple for her to do. And this is how Robyn Rihanna Fenty became a famous fashion icon of short hair cuts for black women.

Trendy Celebrity Hairstyle for Sexy Celebrity

celebrity hairstyles so sexy in new style

Blonde Hairstyles for Short Hair Cuts

Progressively thinking Megan Fox loved the pleasure of having a new dark blonde hair color. Even after one euphoric week of joy passed without notable change. Her long haired friends told her that she never looked that gorgeous, attractive, beautiful and elegant. Her secret lover seemed to regain his passion for her, but her beloved husband pretended to show no interest in her newest obsession for dark blonde hair styles. Frustrating thoughts of regret started to pollute the mind of desperate Miss Fox, because her funky plan has failed to revive her punky marriage by coloring her natural brunette hairdo into a brown blonde color of an ash blonde woman with streaks.

The unbearable emotional pressure of this situation forced the hot, popular and cute Megan to become hungry for new ideas. It was time to act. It was time to show her spiky husband that their edgy marriage needed some refreshing change. She could not bring herself to do it with simple, easy or formal words, because she felt that it will not reach the medium length layered soul of her beloved husband. The only way to force him to change was to show him that she can do it too. So Megan Fox decided to change her appearance again and again by restyling herself with one of the short, new hairstyles for women that never fail to be admired.

The now determined Megan did what always does when it needs new ideas. Megan started to meditate, so that it would be easier for her to escape reality into the vivid dreams with pictures of short hairstyles for natural blonde women. She started to recollect all of her memories about naturally blonde women with short haircut styles.

At first the gray, thinning images of her mother revolved around the cropped, chunky whirls of her mind. Her gray mother came to her in beautiful memories, as if it was her own photo album with series of pictures of short hair cuts for blond hair colors, because her mother used to change her style as often as she was able to spot some new crazy, messy, sassy women's new haircuts that made her to believe that it was hip, urban or indy to have them on her bleached, curly head.

In a loud NO, said Miss Fox to herself ! I do not wish to become a clone of my stylish, trendy mother, because she wanted to resemble popular women that appear as gods in perfect advertising pictures of hairstyles for women with smooth legs that were polished by a permanent laser hair removal treatment in a professional beauty salon of Letitia Wong. For a moment Megan almost imagined herself being someone else. Someone who she saw in the popular media. Someone who was strong and gifted enough to smile to millions of fans from the cute pictures of short haircuts for women with blond streaks. There was still time enough to become crazy later in life, so she postponed it with an ironic smile and started to meditate deeper.

Why not indeed, said the straight-thinking Megan to herself ! I want to resemble my favorite female celebrity that people love to see in pictures of short haircuts for blonds. Then she regretfully remembered that you can not copy someones personality by copying their appearance. The good part of this idea was that you can at least ask for advice from someone who has personality, so that the gift of personality will rain down on you in a permed, wavy or curly streaks of ideas.

The only popular person with personality that attracted Megan Fox was her personal blond idol Maria Sharapova. Megan arranged an informal meeting with Maria through her feminine relationship manger As the meeting took place, Miss friendly Sharapova advised Megan to develop her own style that makes her feel comfortable, professional and desired. The best way to do so was to question every aspect of her perfect hairdo. After several hours of talking about curly streaks, elegant styles and bleaching colors, the now tired Miss Sharapova gave up and allowed Miss Fox to copy her own, unique style, so that Megan could save her Marriage by copying someone else. And this is how Mis Megan Fox became happy and desired once again.

short celebrity hair cuts that look gorgeous in any situation.
Eagerly trying to boost her career Vanessa decided to redesign her appearance with one of the latest, cute, short celebrity hairstyles. Miss stylish Vanessa hoped to find new ideas for inspiration in the hot, stylish and trendy pictures of short celebrity hairstyles where people like Jessica Alba are promoting a healthy looking style of freshness.

Clever Vanessa concluded that she would be more successful in her job, if she could restyle her hairdo in accordance with the black celebrity hair styles of her favorite actress Hilary Duff. Filled with sweet ideas Vanessa imagined that her female boss would surely love to see her wearing a new, beautiful celebrity hair color. The coworkers would respectfully admire her, if she recreates herself with one of the short celebrity hair cuts that look gorgeous in any situation.

Waking up from her daydreams Vanessa slowly began thinking how to accomplish her goal of having an elegant, formal celebrity hair cut that would look professional, even if she wears a red mini skirt and a yellow shirt that fits well with her crazy pink socks. Looking at photos would be as easy as to dream, thought Vanessa, before she opened the latest edition of's short celebrity hairstyle magazine where popular people like Lindsay Lohan are demonstrating the clean brightness of their snow withe teeth.

Looking at the hip, edgy pictures of short celebrity haircuts made Vanessa to feel lost in a flood of color and light. Overwhelming pressure of countless opportunities made Vanessa nearly to give up her idea of restyling herself into a successful woman. As suddenly a joyful feeling of luck came over Vanessa as she discovered trendy, stylish celebrity hairstyle pictures that portrayed Jessica Biel with an oily round shape of her smiling face that was very similar to Vanessa's own face.

A short trip to the beauty salon near the inner city department store helped Vanessa to become more the way she likes it. Increased confidence and self respect resulted in a very happy smiling face of Vanessa. Even now, after a week of her makeover Vanessa is still smiling with a brightest smile of a person who was beautifully recreated with one of the funky, short celebrity hairstyles.

Hilary Duff NEWS

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How to Get Shine Long Curly Blonde Tailor Swift Hairstyles

Tailor Swift Hairstyles

Tailor Swift’s hair is absolutely envious. She might jump out of her normal routine and wear it flat and straight, which looks fine, but her hair is naturally curly. Those ringlets you see on the red carpet are hers. Yeah, I’m jealous too!

You’ll hardly ever see the pretty singer without getting an eyeful of those gorgeous curls. Sometimes she manipulates them into being tight or loose, but they’re never too big or too little. They’re always just right.
Tailor Swift’s Lovely Curly Hair

Of course, she doesn’t just wake up and have perfect hair, though it looks like she does. If you’re wondering how to get that effortless, tame ringlet look, try these pointers:
For naturally curly or wavy hair, use a leave in conditioner. You can even mix it with your favorite texturizing product. Apply it from the ears downward; leave the top alone.

Taylor Swift's Grammy awards 2010 hairdo

To prevent frizz, don’t touch your hair while blow drying. Use a long finger diffuser attached to your blow dryer and go through your hair slowly, not combing but supporting strands so that they can dry evenly. If your hair is thin and needs volume, bend over at the waist and blow dry your hair from the roots up.

If your hair is naturally straight, you’ll need a curling iron to get this look. Try something with a barrel that’s at least 1” thick. You don’t necessarily have to have tight curls; remember the looser they are the more natural it looks. Finish it off with a good natural hold hairspray. If you need shine, you can add a drop of serum to the roots, but let the curls shine on their own.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Best Way to Overcome Excessive Hairfall

Having excessive falling hair is a condition that is commonly shared by a lot of people. Many factors contribute to this, such as stress and tension, poor diet and malnutrition, hormonal imbalance, over-processing of the hair, and frequent use of styling products and chemicals, to name a few. Just because it is a common condition does not mean that it should be ignored and left untreated. If you allow the condition to persist, you might find yourself dealing with bigger problems in the future, such as hair loss and baldness. If you suffer from excessive hair fall, here are some simple steps to follow in order to arrest the problem.

hair fall

Reassess your diet and eating habits. Make sure that you are providing your body with the right amount of vitamins and nutrients. Eat a lot of food rich in protein and Vitamins B and E, as these promote the growth of healthy and lustrous hair.

Avoid combing or brushing your hair when it is wet and refrain from putting it up on a ponytail or a tight bun. Hair is at its weakest when wet and brushing or combing it makes it prone to splitting and breakage. Fixing your hair up in a very tight hairstyle may also cause unnecessary damage to the hair follicles and may result to hair loss.

Lastly, always keep your scalp clean and free of dirt or product buildup. Wash it on a daily basis to get rid of dirt, grime, excess sebum, and styling product buildup. Massage it every so often to aid in the circulation of blood to the scalp. This allows the scalp and the hair follicles to breathe and to stimulate the growth and production of healthy hair.

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I always love Winona Ryder hairstyles

I love winona ryder short hairstyles, always chic and beautiful.

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Hair Styling Tips to Make a Colorful Emo Hairstyles

Always use a protecting spray when blow drying your hair, this helps from damaging your hair. Then do a few more quick spray of the protector before straightening it. To really get a good hold use an extreme hold hair spray.

Colors are always a good way to make an emo style stand out. For those who can't color their hair, pick up some non-permanent hair color. It is temporary and will wash right out. You can find them in sprays and gels. All colors too- red, black, purple, blue, pink, green, teal, yellow, aqua, etc. You can always use more than one color!

The cut says it all. Short or long- it doesn't matter. Cut or have your hair cut in choppy, uneven layers. Side bangs are the bomb! Throwing some color in them will def. draw some attention. Using a razor will give you more texture- which is a great thing with emo hair.

If your hair is thick and you want it thinner to style better- use or have your stylist use a thinning sheer- this while thin out your hair (but not too much) and also give you texture.

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Celebrities are THE fashion icons for beauty, makeup -- and of course, hairstyles. Rihanna is no exception. That's why we've got Rihanna photo galleries, pictures, and general beauty news on this celeb. Her style is totally inspiring and worth checking out. So if you're searching for some beauty tips, hairstyle options, and fashion advice, turn to Rihanna . She'll bring your fashion to a whole new place.

Jennifer Aniston

Celebrities are THE fashion icons for beauty, makeup -- and of course, hairstyles. Jennifer Aniston is no exception. That's why we've got Jennifer Aniston photo galleries, pictures, and general beauty news on this celeb. Her style is totally inspiring and worth checking out. So if you're searching for some beauty tips, hairstyle options, and fashion advice, turn to Jennifer Aniston. She'll bring your fashion to a whole new place.

Ashlee Simpson

Celebrities are THE fashion icons for beauty, makeup -- and of course, hairstyles. Ashlee Simpson is no exception. That's why we've got Ashlee Simpson photo galleries, pictures, and general beauty news on this celeb. Her style is totally inspiring and worth checking out. So if you're searching for some beauty tips, hairstyle options, and fashion advice, turn to Ashlee Simpson. She'll bring your fashion to a whole new place.

Jessica Simpson

Taylor Swift Curly, Sophisticated

Funky Emo Hairstyle for Summer 2010

The emo hairstyle offers a wide variety of hair styles to both the sexes. This hair style is particularly popular with boys where the hair is cut in straight and side swept bangs. This is the most standard EMO cut for a boy. It adds length and density to the hair and gives you the cool look with an attitude. The internet is loaded with images of guys carrying the cool EMO hair style. To get a proper EMO look the hair cut is followed by coloring the hair in funky colors like bright blue or apple red or grey color. This funky look is very popular in the west particularly in European cities like Paris and London.

Funky Emo Hairstyle for Summer 2010

emo girl hair style

Short Emo Haircuts for Boys in 2010

Where can we get the latest emohairstyles? In fact, I got hairstyle ideas from my friends, TVs and fashion magazine, also I create unique emo hairstyles by myself!Do you? Look at the pics below for some of the latest short emo haircuts for boys.

Short Emo Haircuts for Boys in 2010

Short Emo Haircuts for Boys in 2010

Short Emo Haircuts for Boys in 2010

Short Emo Haircuts for Boys in 2010

Punk Emo Female Model Audrey Kitching with Her Pink Hairstyles