Monday, March 30, 2009

Should I Get a Perm?

Should You Get a Perm?

There are certain things that a person must remember if they are thinking of getting a perm done to their hair. For a start, those with colored hair shouldn’t really have a perm as both of these things massively dry out the hair, leaving it hard to get back to its normal healthy state. This also applies to those that have any kind of chemical process done on their hair such as a perm recently that has not gone according to plan or chemical straightening which can all aid in drying the hair out.
Those with thin hair may want to pass on a perm as well as it takes better on thicker hair than it does on thinner hair. It could fall out easier or not last as long with thin hair but again this is something that your hair stylist will be able to inform you about. A perm should usually last in the region of around three or four months but in some cases it can drop out after two or stay for as long as six.
Generally, there are no defined face shapes that should not have a perm and it is more to do with the state of the hair you have as well as the kind of hair that you have; dry, colored, brittle etc. Bad conditioned hair will end up being a worse state after a perm and therefore it is best to leave it for a couple more months and try and get healthier hair before you aim for a perm.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

5 Celebrities Sporting Great Scene Hairstyles

5 Celebrities Sporting Great Scene Hairstyles

Many young celebrities are sporting great scene hairstyles nowadays. One of them is Davey Havok, the singer from the punk band AFI, who has been sporting attractive scene hair for a number of years now. His hair became even more scene-stealer over the past few years. He maintained his scene image now from his image few years ago when his hair was at the peak of scene styles.
Davey Havok has decided to cut his hair short again since he has been involved in plenty of hardcore shows. He maybe in touch with his hardcore roots once again.

Conor Oberst from the band Bright Eyes let his hair grew out around the period of Bright Eyes last album release, ‘though he has preferred to cut it since then. He was one of the band members who have been instrumental for the growth of the emo and scene hairstyle in the past decade.

Members of the famous Hollywood Undead screamo/hip-hop band sport the short male scene haircut. They cover their hair either with caps or bandanas.

Oli Sykes of the scene band, Bring Me The Horizon, is one of the most famous celebrities sporting scene hair in the public scene. He is so attractive to the scene girls and scene guys want to imitate his hair.

The former vocalist, Sonny Moore, of the band called From First To Last, had bright scene hair during the period of their album 'Dear Diary and My Teen Angst Has A Bodycount', but he has later grew it out.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

David Beckham Haircuts

David Beckham Hairstyles Till Spring 2009

David Beckham surely is a force to be reckoned with; a father to three beautiful boys, a wife to the style Queen of the world and ex Spice Girl, Victoria as well as being one of the world’s most famous footballers.
Alongside this however, it would appear that this young man can also hold his own in the style stakes and one of the things that is bound to get him in the media once more is the varied amount of tattoos that he has adorned his body with as well as the ever changing hair that he sports.
David Beckham Latest Hair - March 2009

From the floppy long curtains that we first saw him with, David has been through such a wide amount of hairstyles, more in fact than what most men would perhaps have in a lifetime and one of the most memorable has to be the Mohawk style that he adorned for the World Cup. Although this was one of the most extreme, he adopted an almost similar style but with longer length hair all over just a few years later.
David Beckham Hair

One of the most favorable hairstyles that David Beckham has sported over the years has been the very short shaved style that would have looked thuggish on most men but actually looked rather fetching on Mr. Beckham. This would also appear to be a style that he has gone back to a fair few time.
David Beckham Hair

Between David and Victoria Beckham, the media is constantly filled with news of their new hairstyles and if one thing is to remain true, it would be the fact that they are bound to have many more style greats and misses over the years to come.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Best Scene Hairstyles for Scene Kids

The Best Scene Hairstyles for Scene Kids
Scene kids are best identified thru their scene hairstyles. Girls sport black fringe which cover the eyes, just above the eyes or can be hooked to the side. If the hair is hooked to the side, you have to use nice clips and hair grips.
By using lots of hairspray, lift your hair at the back and add up volume and spikes. When your fringe is down, you can have that leopard, camo, polka dot head band in your hair. You can also use bows and ribbons tied up to your hair.
Scene kids usually have jet black or white blonde with bright-color streaks. There is a wide variety of scene hairstyles that you can choose from. The Shy Scene hairstyle is long that covers your face by flowing hair. The Wild Cuts Scene hairstyle has pretty layers which are stacked or teased.
Then, you have Shaggy Scene hairstyle which is done by chopping on an angle. The Androgynous Scene hairstyle fits both male and female and it can be long or short hairstyle. In this type of hairdo, it is hard to identify a boy or a girl.
Both genders have many choices for their scene hairstyles. Black or blonde is the dominant color for scene kids. They have the option to razor in or straighten their hair. Most scene kids are usually seen with neon colors with black, leopard or zebra print obsessed hair.
For scene girls, you can have Scene coontails which come in various shades, length and highlights.
The Best Scene Hairstyles for Scene Kids

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Mysterious Hairstyle

Mysterious Hairstyle, You Should Try It!

The hairstyle we are about to tell you about is a haircut that is perfect for those individuals that have long hair who would like to have versatility in their hairstyle. This haircut is going to enable the individual to style her hair with curl and volume, yet they will still be able to style it in the smooth and straight way that will look good. Continue reading to discover how you will be able to achieve this haircut.
Whenever you cut hair, you should wash it and condition it before you start. You don’t want to blow dry it, you should just towel dry it and have a spray bottle with you so that you can keep the hair damp. You should part the hair down the centre of the individuals head, and then divide it into two different sections. Leave about half an inch of hair in the back around the centre.
Comb the small section that you left down in the back so that you can smooth it, make sure it is centred, and then cut it to the length that is desired. When you are cutting it, do a horizontal line. It is best if you start from the side as you are cutting. Continue cutting the hair by letting the hair on the side in half segments. Take the hair, comb it to the centre and cut it to the length that you would like. As you go, you will be able to alternate it from side to side, and then move to the opposite side as you are finished. Once you have completed both sides of the cut, it is time to finish up.
Comb the hair strait down the head with strait parting in the centre of the head.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hairstyles For a Heart Shaped Face

Hairstyles For a Heart Shaped Face
- Summer 2009 Hair Tips

Is your face narrow at the bottom around your jaw line and then wider at the forehead or the cheekbones? If you have this kind of face shape then you have a heart shaped face. Thankfully you are not alone with this face shape and there are many celebrities that you can take a look at to get ideas that would better suit your face shape.
Jennifer Love Hewit both have Heart shaped face

Lisa Kudrow, famous for being Phoebe in the hit TV show, “Friends” has a heart shaped face and she generally chooses to wear her hair long and loose but also straight unless it is for a more formal event of course! Jennifer Love Hewitt is the same but as you may have noticed when she starred in Enrique Iglesias’s video for the hit song “Hero,” she added a little bit of volume to it with height at the roots and then a few loose curls and waves running through the rest of the hair. As well as these two lovely ladies with heart shaped faces, Naomi Campbell and even Michelle Pfeiffer are also blessed with the same shape of face.
Naomi Campbell and Michelle Pfeiffer Hair for Heart Shaped Face

Heart shaped faces are perfect for a range of different hairstyles and if you were feeling really brave you could also go for the popular bob look which will have you look better than Victoria Beckham and as if you have just walked straight from the pages of a glossy magazine in no time at all!

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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Paris Hilton Latest 2009 Hair

Paris Hilton Celebrates 28th Birthday - Lovely Blond Bob Hairstyle

Paris Hilton recently celebrated her 28th birthday in style with a birthday bash to remember in Las Vegas. Partying with pals such as Jeff Beacher and Doug Reinhardt, she looked every inch the princess that the general public has come to know her as and with a serious amount of bling adorning her petite frame, you would be forgiven for thinking that she was heir to the throne and not to a hotel chain.
Paris Hilton Latest Blond Hair 2009 - Celebrity Hairstyles 2009 Edition

The bubble blonde decided upon a simple hairstyle for her birthday bash but with a rather unusual headband to complete the look that was by no means understated. The glittering headband matched her glittering necklace and on most people, this look would have been rather too much for a 28th birthday party but Paris being Paris managed to pull it off rather well.
Paris Hilton Latest Blond Bob Haircut 2009 - Celebrity Hairstyles 2009 Edition

With a sleek bob worn over one eye, Paris managed to look sexy and yet playful at the same time and the platinum blonde hair was well teamed with the sparkly silver diamonds that were quite literally crowning her very famous head.
Paris Hilton Latest Hair 2009 - Celebrity Hairstyles 2009 Edition

With picture perfect makeup and a pretty dress, Paris Hilton looked every inch the young lady she is meant to be and with her recent goings on that we have followed in the press, it would appear that Paris could almost be turning over a new leaf.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Black Hairstyles - Summer 2009

African American Hairstyles Ideas for Summer 2009

Throughout time, the social significance that comes about with black hairstyles has stayed the same as it is a relevant part when it comes to black history. African Americans have a cultural trend with hairstyles that is not like any other American cultural trends.
African American Hairstyles 2009

The black hairstyles are representing a big part of history, not to mention pride amongst most of the black women. When black women enter into the hair parlor to receive a new hairstyle, they have to look at the whole picture and think about the type of social message they are going to be sending when they walk out of the parlor back into the black society. Below you'll find some great hair ideas for the African American girls.

African American Hairstyles Summer 2009

African American Hairstyles Summer 2009 Ideas

African American Hairstyles Summer 2009 Ideas

African American Hairstyles Summer 2009 Ideas

African American Hairstyles Spring Summer 2009 Ideas

Black Hairstyles Summer 2009 Ideas

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wavy Hair Hairstyles - Summer 2009

Hairstyles for Wavy Hair - Summer 2009 Hair Ideas

Wavy hair type is frequently taken as most desirable among today’s girls. It incorporates huge innate movement that can be increased by using hairstyling creams or gels and can be straighten or crumpled to give a beautiful curly look.
Tightly layered wavy hairs provide a wonderful look to overall personality of individual. Highlighting wavy hairs with some shining products or with color can exploit the look of wavy hair’s gentle furrow. One important fact that should always be kept in consideration while going for any haircut is the shape of face.

Spring Summer 2009 Hair Edition - Wavy Hair Ideas

Natural wave is money saver and time saver also, but waves can also be made artificially. All depends upon the care that you do to your hairs. Right conditioner and shampoo will definitely keep you away from lots of efforts to be done for making a style.

Spring Summer 2009 Hair Edition - Wavy Locks

You can also make curls for your wavy hairs with natural curvature. For making your hairs curly from wavy ones, you can make use of quality diffuser, use only a little amount as the usage of excessive amount will leave your hairs with frizzy look.

Spring Summer 2009 Hair Edition - Wavy Hairstyle

If you want to get wavy hairs from curly ones, then make sure the quality of product you are going to use for the purpose.

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