Monday, September 28, 2009

Spiral Perm Hairstyles

2009, 2010 Spiral Perm Hairstyles

Spiral perms were all the rage back in the 1980’s. Today they are making a comeback and if they are done correctly, a spiral pem can be truly beautiful. A badly done spiral perm will leave you looking like you just stuck your finger in a light socket, so make sure you go to a reputable stylist. Spiral perms make a woman look saucy, flirty, and extremely sexy.
The name spiral comes from how the hair is permed. Traditional perms use small rollers and your hair is rolled horizontally. A spiral perm uses long, slender rollers and your hair is rolled vertically, from the ends to your scalp, in a corkscrew fashion, hence the name “spiral”. Depending on the size of the vertical roller, your curls can be loose or extremely tight. You are not limited to always having one particular curly hairstyle when you get a spiral perm. Use a hairdryer with a diffuser to dry your curly hair and one without if you want to blow-dry it straight. Straightening your hair with a hairdryer will leave it appearing thicker and full of body; your curls will come right back when you wash your hair again. You can even use the diffuser for a little bit longer than it takes to dry your hair to change your hairstyle into attractive waves. Add some hair gel and you can scrunch your hair into even tighter ringlets for yet another look.
Spiral perms can cost almost twice as much as a regular perm. This is because they look best on longer hair and require more work. You could try giving yourself a spiral perm but you run the risk of a frizzy perm, and since spiral perms last months longer than a normal perm, you may not want to risk that. Also, remember to be careful after you get your spiral perm – use lots of conditioning products (perms dry out hair) and avoid any hair products that have alcohol in them. Alcohol will make the drying much worse. And if your hair is not in good condition, stay away from any type of perm or you’ll look like a dust bunny rather than a sexy woman.
Photo by Ikue

Friday, September 25, 2009

Megan Fox Hair Color

Megan Fox Hair Color - Fall, Winter 2010 Edition

The bombshell Megan Fox has captured the hearts of men and women worldwide. Some love her for her acting, some for her modeling, and women love her hair. She always has a beautiful style and unique color. Here is how to get this beauty’s hair color for yourself.
If you already have black hair, lucky you – you and Megan have the same natural color. If you naturally have very dark brown hair, you could probably manage to get this look without needing to dye it black. To get the perfect color, you should have black hair. Be aware that for those with really fair skin the contrast between your new black hair and your skin can be startling; some people end up hating that look. If you dye your hair black, you either will have to wait for it to turn back to your natural color or get it bleached, which will damage your hair badly. Start by dyeing your hair black. Your own natural highlights will help bring out highlights in the black hair color. If your hair is naturally dark, you can just start highlighting. If you want to copy Megan’s look exactly, then add some dark brown highlights and some medium brown lowlights. Chestnut brown would be a good color for this. Another way you could achieve this look is by dyeing your hair black, then dye it again with a dark brown. If you choose this method, make sure to condition your hair since dyeing it could damage it. But you’ll have that same sexy look either way.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Latest Japanese Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Latest Japanese Hairstyles 2009, 2010

The Japanese have long been the standard that many people go to when they want a style that is cute, trendy, and hot. The Japanese naturally have sleek, shiny hair and many of their hairstyles show that asset off. A lot of Westerners try to copy those looks. To truly mimic the Japanese, you should opt for their short, sassy cuts.

A modern bob is a very popular Japanese hairstyle. Have your hair cut into a bob. Add pretty, feathery layers all over your hair. This gives you texture and some height to your hair, which makes this is a perfect style for women with thin hair. The layers also add a lot of volume. Experiment with different layer lengths if you would like for a look all your own. You could also try some highlights for some real personality. This particular haircut is great for women with any shaped face since it’s changeable enough to be suited to anyone.

Another great hairstyle for any shaped face is the Japanese medium slice haircut. This cut creates medium length straight hair that actually has a bit of pizzazz to it. There is heavy graduation in this cut and a razor is used for texturing so make sure to go to a reputable stylist. This a good style if your hair is very thick, and if enough volume is added, it could be a good style for women with thin hair as well. This look is good for day or night, and is beautifully sassy.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Seek Out Short Hair for the Season 2009, 2010

Seek Out Short Hair for the Season 2009, 2010

Short hair is a great way to have style when you don’t have a lot of time to work with long locks. If you lead a busy work life, short hair is your solution to style when you need to be standing in the boardroom instead of in front of the mirror. If you are commuting to the big city and have a long walk once you get off of mass transit, you are definitely going to need at hat when the winter wind is whipping around you. Short hair is the perfect way to avoid a messed up hair do when you have to take it off your hat once you get in the office.
Super short is probably the way to go if you are extremely busy and don’t have a lot of time to fuss in the mirror each morning. Go super short with your hair, and you’ll definitely be stylish, as short is quite trendy this fall. An extremely short, spiky cut is not only trendy but also easy to style. This is the perfect “do” if you have strong, prominent cheekbones.
If you aren’t gutsy enough to chop it super short, you can go trendy short with longer hair in the front and spiky in the back. This popular hair do, seen all over the place right now, is really flattering on most women and it is an easy cut for most hair types. Go with short hair this fall-winter season for ease and fashion sensibility!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Teenage Boys Haircuts 2009, 2010

Teenage Boys Haircuts 2009, 2010 Tips

There are many similarities between hairstyles for males and females in short and long variations. Usually the differences are due to limitations that may come from family, community or society at large. When looking at teenage boys haircuts, a large percentage of them are cut today at a longer length than was traditionally the custom. But even with a longer length of hair, the look is distinctly male because of its bold styling and clean, masculine lines.
Teenage Boys Haircut

For many style conscious teenagers, the super-straight style is the way to go, because it’s so simple to maintain. What makes this look work so well is when it’s defined with a deep-set side part and razor cut for a sleek, smooth finishing of the edges. This style is one of the most popular of all the teenage boys hairstyles because it’s also one of the most versatile. When the occasion calls for a special look, a touch of styling gel or texturizer is all that needs to be added to rework the hair into a more formal appearance.
The longer cut of is also popular when it comes to styling the hair for a more trendy “scene” look that is easily adaptable to look as edgy as it suits the person. For teenage boys haircuts that make the grade for a tough male look, this calls for a little more than comb and brush. While the hair is wet, applying styling gel to the hair before blow-drying and lifting the hair while combing will give a livelier, backswept look.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Victoria Beckham's hairstyles always make the headlines- especially if she has changed her look.

Victoria has changed her style over the last 5 years many times. She started out with long curly hair - that she got from wearing hair extensions. This was a crazy stage for awhile where everyone wanted to get extensions to look like Victoria.

Then she shattered all ideas about hairstyle by getting all her hair cut off short. She started with a long version of the inverted bob hairstyle. Her hair was longer in the front and shorter in the back with tons of layers and height in the crown area.

The inverted aka shattered bob then morphed into a short pixie hairstyle, much like that of Halle Berry. It does look cute, but the longer styles seem to make her small features look better. She is so tiny and skinny that the pixie hairstyle doesn't do her any favors. Check out the latest Victoria Beckham Hairstyles

Trendy Bob Haircuts Fall Winter 2010

Trendy Bob Haircuts Fall Winter 2010

Hair cut into a bob can look so classic or so yesterday. Bobs can look updated and trendy, or middle-aged and out of date. From the sophisticated Ellen Barkin to the hot Eva Longoria, the trendy bob cut has been seen all over the red carpet lately and is a great short hair cut for this fall. Jenny McCarthy and Charlize Theron have two of the best bobs out there. They have the classic bob cut that is longer in the front and shorter in the back. With their fabulous foreheads, they don’t need bangs. If you have thick hair that stays straight and a good forehead, this bob look is for you.
Trendy Bob Haircuts 2010

Bobs work well with bangs, too. Reese Witherspoon has been sporting a bob with bangs lately and she looks great. Her bangs are cut with a fringe. This look is so very trendy right now. If you have a high forehead, a bob with bangs can be a fantastic way to wear short hair this fall.
Trendy Bob Hairstyles Fall Winter 20010

Slicked back bobs are pretty trendy as well. Eva Longoria has been wearing her bob this way and it is a sexy, youthful bob look. No matter which type of bob you choose, it is really important to find a great stylist who can help you get the cut you need for the type of hair you have.
Trendy Bob Hairstyles Fall Winter 20010

Styling products are equally important. Ask your stylist for gels, mousse and conditioners so that your bob looks the best it possibly can each and every day.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

2009-2010 Sexy Hairstyles

Sexy Hairstyles For Fall and Winter 2009, 2010

A haircut can make or break a person’s look. A bad hairstyle can completely destroy a beautiful outfit; at worst, it can make someone look utterly ridiculous. Haircuts can make you look smart, sophisticated, playful, and even sexy. The following are three sexy haircuts you can try to look your best as a femme fatale.
2009-2010 Sexy Hairstyles

Angled Bob
The angled bob is a very trendy and sexy haircut. It can be adapted for any shape face. If your face is very long, you need to be careful that your stylist doesn’t cut the front fringe too short or your face will look even longer. This is a great cut for people with round faces. The angled bob is longer in the front than the back and can be adjusted for any length hair, though most bobs are no longer in the back than the nape of the neck. You can do all kinds of things with highlights, colors, and layers. The angled bob can go from day to night, and looks sexy and feminine on any woman.
2009-2010 Sexy Hairstyles

Curls are always sexy. Curls work for any length hair and can be as loose or tight as you would like. They also look great when you have highlights. Curls can easily be dressed up or down, and they give you a fun, bouncy look that is innocent yet sexy. For loose curls, use a wide curling iron on the ends of your hair. If you prefer tighter curls, use a narrow iron. This is one hairstyle that is simple, beautiful, and makes you look sexy no matter where you are or what you’re doing.
2009-2010 Sexy Hairstyles

Layers make for great haircuts that you can do just about anything with. It doesn’t matter if your hair is short, long, or something in between – you can do a lot with layers. Use a flat iron to make your layered hair super sleek and your layers will add some character and keep you from looking boring. On the other hand, you can try many different sized curls that go in different directions for a hot, unkempt look that looks completely natural yet not sloppy. Play with highlights and colors to give your hair some real personality. Layered hair can be worn up or down, parted, and anything else you can think of. It’s sexy, versatile, and you’ll look like a woman who knows what she’s doing.

Friday, September 11, 2009

2009-2010 Fringe Hairstyles Trends

2009-2010 Fringe Hairstyles Trends

Fringe haircuts were all the rage from 2008 and are gaining new fans every day. Using fringe haircuts can completely change your appearance, regardless of your hair length or face shape. While texture can be a problem for some hairstyles, with fringe haircuts it can actually work in your favor. The trendsetting icons of the fashion world as well as celebrities have worn fringe haircuts with great flair from dramatic to carefree style. Many of the world’s supermodels have graced the catwalk with the classic, extra-long fringe bangs are not angled or parted; they hang straight down, in some cases almost completely veiling the eyes. But there are many fans of taking the fringe bangs to the limits of style and have them cut on an angle, or sweep them to the side of the face.
2009-2010 Fringe Hair

The dramatic look of fringe haircuts with full-blown bangs is not for everyone, but for women who want to make the most of having a wide forehead this look can be quite stunning. These haircuts are highly versatile and have been keeping many stylists on their toes creating new variation s on the theme.
2009-2010 Fringe Hairstyle Ideas

Besides using different cutting techniques to shape and define fringe haircuts, stylists have expressed their creativity in designing beautiful hair fashion with hair color as highlights or radical streaks of color on sections of the hair. Whatever your personal style maybe, if you are looking for an adaptable hairstyle, start with a fringe haircut and enjoy the style options to the max.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

2009-2010 Bridesmaid Hairstyles Trends

2009-2010 Fall Winter Bridesmaid Hairstyles Trends and Tips

There seem to be a thousand and one details in planning a wedding. Many times the decision about the bridesmaid hairstyles are left to the last minute. Although it’s a good idea to select the dresses that they will wear first, it’s important to make sure that the bridesmaid hairstyles also suit their personality. It’s simple not enough to choose a salon and stylist for the task. In most cases, all of the bridesmaids will be wearing the same dress design, so it’s appropriate that their hairstyles also be in tune. The last thing any bride wants at her wedding is for the bridesmaid hairstyles to detract attention from her.
The best solution to choosing styles that complement the bridesmaids is to have a hair consultation with your hairstylist at least two months before the wedding. Ideally, the first meeting should be in an informal setting, rather than in the salon so that they can be relaxed and the stylist can observe them in their current hairstyle. Be sure to discuss if the hairstyles require a permanent wave or coloring treatment so this can be done well in advance of the wedding for the best results. Take into consideration the time and place of the wedding as well as the general theme. For instance if it is daytime or evening formal or casual afternoon wedding. Generally hairstyles for formal weddings are more elegant up-dos while the hairstyles casual weddings can be worn loose or gently pulled back away from the face.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Latest Hairstyles For Wavy Hair 2009-2010

Latest Hairstyles For Wavy Hair 2009-2010

What are the trendiest hairstyles for wavy hair? According to the latest fashion authorities, the wavy style is red-hot for all lengths of hair, with the layered cut leading the pack. While medium length remains popular, hairstyles for wavy hair that reaches below the shoulders has been on the rise. Some of the reasons why this is one of the most dominant styling techniques on the fashion scene today are its versatility and easy maintenance. Whether you like deep waves or not, there is no mistaking its appeal when executed properly. Full blown out waves are more subtle in definition, but can work like a charm when it’s turn to turn on the glamour.
Trendy Wavy Hairstyles 2009-2010

For short or long hair, hairstyle for wavy hair continues to make celebrities look gorgeous with endless variety of designs. While every woman is unique, it’s great to have a fabulous hairstyle to begin your adventure in beauty. With so many styling techniques and products to choose from, many times the challenge is which look will suit your personality and not just your face shape.
Of course your face shape is very important, but you also have to feel comfortable before you can feel confident in your appearance. The hairstyles for wavy hair provide you with plenty of options, and the better you know yourself, the easier it is to select the hairstyle that best reflects your persona. Choose a few different styles that are recommended for your face shape and then discuss them with your stylist for the best results.

Friday, September 4, 2009

What Hair Color do you use?

I used to go to the salon every 4-6 weeks to get my hair colored. As time and money constraints kick in, these regular visits to the salon are not feasible.

I have experimented with just about every hair color brand on the market today. I would buy the ones that were on sale, the ones I had a coupon for, etc.

But the only brand that I get consistent results with is Preference by L'Oreal. I have used a natural version of the hair color and achieved very good results month after month.

What hair color product do you use? Have you used the same one for years? Leave your comments below.

Ebony Hairstyles 2009-2010

Ebony Hairstyles 2009-2010

With so many new styling products and techniques available now ebony hairstyles now offer women with highly textured hair more fashion options than ever before. Now only do women have more versatility in the way they manage the texture, now they can enjoy many different hairstyles regardless of the length of their own hair using extensions, hair weaves and wigs. All of these new developments are not strictly for creating a sleek straight hairstyle; in 2009 several products were brought to market to give the women who prefer a lot of texture in their hair style more ways to keep it looking healthy and vibrant.
Ebony Hairstyles 2009-2010 Trends

Although women have been using wigs and hair extensions for decades, the new ebony hair styles include new lighter weight materials, exciting colors and highlights to accent every skin tone and fashion preference. Many of these hair products are suited for the woman who wants to be in charge of her own hair care rather than go to a salon. But for the woman who wants the ebony hairstyles that celebrities wear, a trained stylist who is adept in creating the intricate braided hairstyles is the best option. Some of these styles require professional treatments to produce the desired result, while others simply are too complex to create at home. Women of color can use ebony hairstyles as their launching pad to their own personal fashion statement with the help of advanced formula hair care products, and unique ways to expand their hairstyling designs.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Taylor Swift Lovely Curly Hairstyles

Taylor Swift Lovely Curly Hairstyles - Summer 2009 Country Hairstyles

The music industry star Taylor Swift has brought a sparkle to country music with her naturally curly hairstyles. Beside the fact she has been turning a lot of heads with her good looks, this beautiful, young singer has a lot of talent that makes here one to watch on and off stage.
Taylor Swift Hair

As one of the rising country music singers on the scene, Taylor Swift hairstyles are a refreshing look for many women who have curly hair that want to try styles that are beautiful whether worn up or down.
Beautiful Taylor Swift

One of the most coveted looks is the ultra-feminine style of perfect cascading ringlets she wore at the 2008 Grammy Awards which caused a wave of excitement. This has become Taylor Swift’s signature look, and she has worn her cascading curls in several different variations, sometimes with a dramatic or mysterious look from styling her full fringe bang or changing her hair color. Although she hasn’t changed the color totally from blond to brunette for example, she has used highlighting tones that add dimension to her golden locks.
Taylor Swift Hairstyles

For women who like the ultra-feminine, curly look, Taylor Swift hairstyles are the right balance of charm and design; it takes precise cutting to result in those perfect ringlets. This style works well for short and long hair whether it is s business or social occasion.
Taylor Swift Curly Hair at the Concert

As long as you begin with the right haircut for your facial shape, you can achieve the same fantastic results and wear this hairstyle with ease.

Tara Reid Hairstyles

Tara Reid And Her Amazing Blonde Hairstyle

We have seen Tara Reid in a wide variety of things. We have seen her is memorable movies as well as some great roles on television. She has always had that reputation for being a real wild party girl. The party seems to be wrapped up in Tara’s hair. Here are some great ways that you can master the Tara Reid haircut.
Tara Reid Hair

Tara Reid has always stayed very true to her natural blonde look. She is usually associated with the people that you might find on the beach. She has a very tan look and the blond helps to accent that tan. You can easily get her blonde hair color. Simply tell your stylist about Tara Reid and he or she should be able to master that color. Now, the length of Tara’s hair has remained the same length almost throughout her career. The hair is a little bit longer than her shoulders. She also likes to wear it natural, almost as if she has been at the beach all day. She has been seen with a few layers, which can help to add a little bit of extra body. Once you get the right color and length, you should be able to get the right style.
Having Tara Reid hair is a very simple task. All you need to do is master the hair color as well as the length. Try adding a few layers if you are feeling like you need some extra body. Start right now and get the perfect Tara Reid style.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Medium Hairstyles

When you are looking for a new hairstyle, it is a good idea to browse online and various magazines to find examples of hairstyles that you like.

Bringing a photo example of how you want your hair cut is the best way to get good results. For example, if you tell your hair stylist that you want bangs. There are so many different types of bangs available today-- short, choppy, long, layered, regular, straight, wispy, side swept and fringe. Your idea of bangs and your stylists' idea may be totally different.

Be prepared, bring a photo of the hairstyle you want.

Back to the point of this post--medium hairstyles. The medium length really is the most versatile option. You can still wear a ponytail, yet have other options that short hair does not.

Bobs, layers, bangs--check out all the latest medium hairstyles at Hair Resources and our newest Hairstyles Blog

How to Remain Cool with Scene Style

How to Remain Cool with Scene Style

The cool thing about scene style is how you make your appearance attractive and how you carry yourself in public scene.

Have a name that is original that describes you, taken from the first letter of your real name. You can have a new name with the first letter and last letter of your real name attached to your new name.
Think of a word that is not common then add it to your name.

Play scene music from bands such as Metro Station, M.I.A., Tokio Hotel, Lily Allen, Millionares, The Medic and Shiny Toy Guns. Hear new variety of songs instead of old ones. There is a wide range of scene music that includes many songs but excludes country type and raps.

You can observe other scene kids what kind of music they play and anything techno, random or unique kinds of music can be fitted for you. You can be active on social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook, Stickam, Buzznet, Pure Volume and Bebo, ‘though Bebo is not as good as the others.

If you are a scene kid and you want to exude a scene style that is cool and impressive, you need things such as huge sunglasses, cellphone, money, make-up, camera, eyeliner, combs, choppy layers, scene clothes, scene kid lingo and many others.

When you interact with others, don’t display over-confidence and act like a jerk. Don’t let people think that you’re trying to put them down, but don’t let them step on your head; just do the right balance.

Most Popular Hair Trends for Men

Most Popular Hair Trends for Men

Hair has become a staple within the world of fashion. You cannot have good taste in fashion if you do not have the right hairstyle. There are so many hair trends for men today; it can be hard to keep track of it all. In order to get the proper help that you need, take a look at these current popular trends among men. The indie rock look is a very current fashion. Many men are now starting to wear their hair a lot longer than they typically would. Not only are they growing the hair on their head out, but the facial hair is growing too. Women are loving the scruffy type look in men. O.C. star Adam Brody makes a great example of the skinny indie look that the girls are melting for.
Adam Brody

The clean cut trend is a style that has never gone away. Now, men are looking towards razor cuts and sharp edges. This type of modern style works great to make any man look incredibly handsome. You might even want to give it a try on your man. Give him a cut and a sleek suit and enjoy a night out on the town!
The world of fashion continues to grow as well as hair trends. Men are now becoming a lot more conscious of their hair and how they cut it. Take a look around at a few different styles and see which trend works for you. remember, girls love that indie rock start look!