Friday, February 27, 2009

How to Have Sexy Hair

How to Have Sexy Hair - Summer 2009 Tips

If you have a big date coming up then you may be looking at different hairstyles to achieve that sexy look to bowl your date over. It doesn’t matter what kind of hair you have whether it is long or short, curly or straight, black or blonde, there is a sexy look out there that will suit your face shape and hair type.
Spring Summer 2009 Hair Edition - Sexy Hair

One of the sexiest things about long hair is wearing it loose and free. Hair that is long and worn up can look too fussy and especially with lots of hair styling products which can ruin the moment when your date is running their hands sexily through your hair.

Spring Summer 2009 Hairstyles Edition - Sexy Hairstyle

If you have bangs with your long hair and they are long enough to do it, side swept bangs add an instant amount of sex appeal but if they are not long enough to do this, you can always wear them straight just brushing the eyebrows which is also sexy. The impression of having the eyes slightly hidden is sexy as it adds an air of mystery.
Spring Summer 2009 Hairstyles Edition - Short Sexy Hair

Short hair looks incredibly sexy with these side swept bangs as well but for an instant amount of glamour and sex appeal, add a couple of accessories such as pretty grips.
Spring Summer 2009 Hairstyles Edition - Sexy Curly Hair

You could always try curling your hair so that it gives off the 50’s sex kitten look and with smoky eyes the look can be almost breathtaking.
Spring Summer 2009 Hairstyles Edition - Sexy Blonde Hair

There are so many ways that you can add sex appeal to a hairstyle and as long as you are willing to put in a little bit of effort, the date will be a hit!

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Long, spiral curls, inspire many celebrity hairstyles

Long wavy hairstyles will work for any occasion. Get the long wavy look by wrapping small sections of hair around a medium barrel curling iron and hold in a vertical position. Gisele, see photo left, shows us how this hairstyle is done in Hollywood.

Gisele let out her radiant waves. Layers cut through the edges gave her natural wave lovely bounce and created body and movement all over. This hairstyle is best suited to those with a natural wave or curl.

How to Style:Apply styling mousse to wet hair, then using a large radial brush, smooth the hair concentrating on the bangs and crown area. Apply small amounts of wax to the entire hair to give definition and texture throughout.

Beyonce Hair at 2009 Oscars

Beyonce Hair at 2009 Oscars

There has been a lot of speculation over Beyonce’s hair at this year’s Oscars with a lot of people complaining that not enough effort went into the hairstyle for such a prestigious red carpet event. She did look beautiful as she always seems to look, but the hairstyle was very plain compared to the beauty of her dress and makeup but nevertheless, she still looked every inch the Hollywood beauty queen.
All of her hair was pulled tightly back from her face which for some people may have caused a problem but with Beyonce’s wonderful skin and picture perfect makeup, she pulled it off well. It was all tied into a low ponytail at the back of her neck and just to jazz things up a little, the hair was curled into tight ringlets as so not to make the look too plain.
Beyonce Hairstyle at 2009 Oscars

Overall the hairstyle was simple yet breathtaking and surely did not deserve the criticism that it was exposed to? With such a natural beauty as Beyonce, intricate styles of hair and makeup are simply not needed which is perhaps why she went for such a simple and easy style?
Beyonce Pulled Back Hair at 2009 Oscars

There are not a lot of women in the world that can deal with such tightly pulled back hair without looking as though they have had a rather bad facelift but this gorgeous singer manages to do it with all of the poise and elegance that you would expect from such a well received artist.

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Christina Ricci Latest Hairstyle

Christina Ricci at the Montblanc Signature for Good Charity Gala

Christina Ricci is already a world famous actress with classic films such as “The legend of Sleepy Hollow” under her belt. As well as this, the young Ms. Ricci is on her way to becoming a world class style icon and especially after such appearances at the Montblanc Signature for Good Charity Gala earlier on in the week.
Christina Ricci Latest Hairstyle

With a stylish haircut and a classic clothing design, Christina look very elegant in nature but with a slight hint of “power woman” about her given off by the 50’s inspired bright red lipstick and the red hair with the straight and short bangs. Falling just at eyebrow level, the bangs gave Christina Ricci a chance to play around more with her eye makeup, something that isn’t really available with the longer bangs that have been in fashion of late.
Christina Ricci Latest Hairstyle

Despite the full on makeup and the choppy bangs, the rest of Christina’s hair was actually pretty simple; pulled back into a neat updo that left her frilly topped dress to do all the talking.
So, with a simple hairstyle and 50’s inspired makeup, you would expect the Christina Ricci look to be somewhat old fashioned in nature but surprisingly, it was all pulled off very well showing that Christina Ricci is no longer the young actress but more like the budding lady with all the glamour and poise that a Hollywood actress should have!

Monday, February 23, 2009

How to Look After Blonde Hair - Spring Summer 2009 Blonde Hair

How to Look After Blonde Hair - Spring Summer 2009 Blonde Hair Tips

Gentlemen prefer blondes, blondes have more fun; two phrases that are well known among women of all hair colors but especially those that have blonde hair. However, looking after your blonde hair is the only way that you can stand up and enjoy these phrases and there are a few specific hints and tips for blonde hair that you can make use of to make sure that this is so.
First of all, the right color blonde is essential!
Spring Summer 2009 Hairstyles Edition - Blonde Hair 2009

Bleached blonde can look cheap and tacky whereas dirty blonde can just look… well dirty! The right shade for your coloring is important and the first time you go blonde, it should be done so at the hair salon. After this you can get the same color and then dye your hair at home but a hairdresser will be able to advise you on the best shade first and foremost.
Spring Summer 2009 Hairstyles Edition - Blonde Hair 2009

Once you have gone blonde it is especially important that you maintain the look. Dark roots do not look good on anyone so highlights or touch ups every six to eight weeks are important to make sure that the hair still looks good.
Spring Summer 2009 Hairstyles Edition - Blonde Hair 2009

However, this continual maintenance can strip the hair so make sure that you use a conditioner and shampoo that has been designed for colored hair or those for blonde hair. Deep conditioning with hot oils should also be kept up to make sure that the hair does not look dry or brittle.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Men's Hairstyles Gallery Updated

Looking for Men's Hairstyles?

There are literally thousands of sites devoted to women's hairstyles. But what if you want to find a man's hairstyle or look at them?

Hair Resources now has an updated gallery at the Men's Hairstyles Center. Come and take a look at all the new styles and options for men today.

There are different haircutting techniques that can help those with very thick and unruly hair. Getting the right haircut can make a huge difference in day to day styling time.

How to Get Rid of Oily Hair

Dealing with Oily Hair - Spring Summer 2009 Tips

In many ways dealing with oily hair can prove to be more difficult than dealing with dry hair, brittle hair or any other type of malnourished hair. For a start it is a lot easier to put moisture in than it is to take moisture out and with regards to oily hair, it is the hair follicles themselves that are producing too much oil and this can prove difficult to reverse.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - How to Get Rid of Oily Hair

Generally oily hair will be passed down from relations but it can also be a sign or poor diet or lifestyle as well as being linked to hormonal problems making it harder to sort out. There are a few things that you can do to try and relieve the increased oil production and with a bit of time and more effort you will soon find that lank and lifeless locks are healthy and full of bounce once more.
There are specific shampoos which have been designed for those with oily hair to use and these will work wonders on hair that is greasy and lank. Shampooing twice is another great way to combat this problem and if you bear it, a little bit of washing up liquid in the shampoo can work wonders.
If you do need to use conditioner make sure that you only use a little bit as this can add more oil to your hair making the problem significantly worse. As well as this try reducing the amount of times you play with your hair or brush your hair, even little things such as running your hands through your hair which can all make the oil production worse.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Long, sleek hairstyles

Long and smooth hairstyles will always look good, no matter what year it is.

Example hairstyle below shows us how shiny long locks can turn a drab look into fantastic.

Mischa Barton turned heads with this sleek, smooth hairstyle. She looked so classy with a sleek and smooth style. A chic finish was achieved by texturing her ends—an effect that worked superbly with the feeling of lightness created by medium to long layers.

How to Style:Apply mousse to damp hair then blow-dry using a medium vent brush, turning your hair under as you go along. Smooth shine the top layers and then lacquer lightly for hold.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cute Partial Updo Hairstyles

Check out this cute partial updo hairstyle that features long side swept bangs. Emma Roberts looks great.

Emma wore her hair in two very different textures at The 42nd Annual Academy Of Country Music Awards and pulled it off magically! Her hair was tightly pulled into a half-up, half-down style and her thick bangs were side swept, which is great for a high hairline. To finish, piecey waves were added through the ends of her hair to add more texture to her style.

How to Style:Mousse damp hair, then using a medium sized radial brush, blow-dry down and under. Wax the front bangs for added definition, making sure to include the side.

Get more info on this style by clicking on photo.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Celebrity Classic Long Hairstyles

Michelle Rodriguez's Hairstyles

Classic Long Hairstyles will always be in style. Take Michelle Rodriguez, for example.

This is a soft style for this sexy star from the 12th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. The length has been left below shoulder level and the top and sides have been angle layered to create a full and wavy design.
This is an easy style to maintain with regular trims.

How to Style:Apply mousse to damp hair then blow-dry using a medium vent brush, turning your hair under as you go along. Smooth shine the top layers and then lacquer lightly for hold.

How to Fight the Dandruff

How to Fight the Dandruff - Hair Tips for Summer 2009

There is nothing more embarrassing than wearing your slinkiest black dress only to find that it has been covered in white specks because of your irritating dandruff problem! Flaky scalp, dandruff, whatever it is that you want to call it, it can have the potential to stop even the most confident of people in their tracks and can bring about the need for a major wardrobe overhaul to stop the appearance being so great.
Sometimes it makes sense to go back to basics and use natural remedies to fight the dandruff rather than spend all of your time avoiding a black t-shirt or dress. Why not go out and buy yourself a bottle of tea tree oil or a bottle of shampoo with this compound within it? This has been well proven to effectively fight dandruff without any other side effects and the best news of all is that it actually works.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition

Another thing that you can use to fight the dandruff is to add about two teaspoons of vinegar to around six of water and then to apply to the hair concentrating on the scalp just before you is due to go to bed. This may not smell particularly pleasant but again has been proven to work and can get rid of the pesky white flakes.
There are many medicated shampoos which you can buy to have beautiful hair without the worry of white flakes and although these may be costly, will contain some form of antiseptic which will stop the itching by treating any infections and will also get rid of the white flakes as well.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Celebrity Hairstyles - Hilary Duff Hair

Hilary Duff Hairstyles

Considered to be the unofficial ambassador of teenage blondes all over the United States, Hilary Duff is one of the celebrities who have influenced the popularity of sedu hairstyles.
Whether or not you like her fashion statement, or her spirited aura, Hilary Duff has indeed become one of those celebrities who can generate a lot of following in terms of style.
Hilary Duff’s hair has been one of her styles that have been closely watched. She has been seen wearing a long blonde hairstyle that features a side-swept bangs, layers and slight waves.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Hilary Duff Hair

However, some people observe that although Hilary looks good with blonde hair, this coloring tends to wash out her skin color. They say that the brown-colored long sedu hairstyle she wore once was the best hairstyle she has ever sported. She looks better being a brunette as this shade complements her coloring well. This hairstyle has no definite partition and features very long bangs which partly cover her eyes. It also features long smooth and straight layers that shine and bounce nicely complementing her lively personality.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Hilary Duff Hair

Although Hilary has worn her hair in different lengths and colors, her signature hairstyle has always featured medium to long straight golden tresses. The essential features of her hairstyles include straight or slightly wavy layers that are bouncy and shiny, and full or thick bangs falling down just to reveal her fine brows and pretty eyes.

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hairstyle Trends to Try - Spring and Summer 2009

Hairstyle Trends to Try in Spring and Summer of 2009

2009 is calling for a major overhaul in hairstyles and with celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes trying new and dramatic looks to enter the year, perhaps it is about time that we all took a leaf out of their book and try new hairstyles for ourselves.
Despite these celebrities going shorter with regards to hair length, the long and sleek look is still very much in with centre partings, no bangs and ultra glossy and ultra sleek locks. This is an easy look to recreate even without the use of heated irons to straighten the hair and all it needs is a little blow drying and a lot more conditioning.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - 2009 Hair Trends

Following on with the longer length theme, it is a good idea to look at stars such as Angelina Jolie for inspiration for styles for out long hair. Rather than going for the long and sleek look to complete a perfect outfit, Angelina Jolie generally opts for loose waves which suits her face shape perfectly. Using large rollers and a large round brush, these loose waves are easily recreated and a final burst of hairspray will keep the hair in place.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - 2009 Hair Trends

Of course if you really did want to do something very dramatic with your hair for 2009, you could always follow in the footsteps of sexy ladies such as Agynes Deyn and go for the bleached blonde crop that shouts “edge” while still showing sex appeal.

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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hair Ideas Spring Summer 2009

Hair Ideas for Spring and Summer of 2009

The upcoming year presents all sorts of challenges to the stylist who wants to be ahead of the curve, standing out from the crowd! The recent spectacular success of the inverted bob cannot continue to overwhelm the competition as it did in the fall and winter of 2008.
This doesn’t mean that short hair will be banished from hair salons in 2009! It does, however, mean that the striking and often severe look of the inverted bob will need to be softened.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Hair ideas

Many hairstylists are already experimenting with gorgeous new looks for bobs and other shorter haircuts that do not feature the straight frame that the inverted bob applies to the face.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Hair ideas

In 2009, look to the medium lengths. As women all over the country allow their bobs and other sort looks to grow out, they’ll certainly be ready for a change to something longer. Without the extra expense of extensions, that means that medium lengths will have a long-lasting window of opportunity to predominate.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Hair ideas

As February rolls around, look for the first flips to appear. Jessica Simpson has already appeared with a flip that gave a fantastic retro look to her longer bob at the start of the last year, and you can expect many other experimental twists in the upcoming editions of fashion magazines and public appearances.
2009 Spring Summer Hairstyles Edition - Hair ideas

Truly longer hair, with waves, weaves, strands and glamorous updos, can of course be created with extensions anytime, but the all-natural long tresses that provide so much confidence will only be seen by next autumn.

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