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short hair
The real definition of short hair would imply chin length tresses or shorter. Some examples of the hottest short hairstyles are the pixie, crop and ever famous bob. Anything reaching to the shoulders and slightly beyond would fall into the medium hairstyle category. When it comes to a woman with short hair, she is incredibly lucky if a short hairstyle suits her. Why? Because not every face can pull it off. The size and shape of a face and body plays an enormous part in ones hairstyle and let’s face it, the shorter the hair, the more to expose. Once pulled off successfully, short hair is clean, sharp, mature and extremely sexy on many women,

Very Short Hair Styles
Enjoying her drink Maria Ozawa received a call from her men seeking single girlfriend Jessica who owns one of the beautiful, elegant, very short celebrity hairstyles which shine as sassy as the teeth shine after a treatment with a professional teeth whitening gel for cosmetic dental care.

short hair cuts of
Driving home Evelin wondered if she could improve her life by styling herself with one of the new, modern and mostly short hair cuts of Jessica Alba who appeared to be Evelin's most respected Hollywood actress.

Short Hairstyles
For sexy short hair styles, try the messy prom style. Use styling cream, comb your hair forward diagonally and spray up random parts - very much like popular boy styles. Have a look at latest hairstyles for 2008.

About this hair style
Actress and Laguna Beach reality TV star Kristin Cavallari has short, straight hair in a side-parted, layered, eye-concealing shaggy bob style with a fringe, or bangs. Her hair color is brown and blonde.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Heidi Klum Hair 2009, 2010

Heidi Klum Hair 2009, 2010

One of the celebrities to watch for new trendy hairstyles is Heidi Klum. This talented actress is blessed with beautiful long blonde tresses and doesn’t mind experimenting with new ways to wear her hair or create a completely new look with a different hair color.
Heidi Klum Medium Hair

Heidi Klum has worn hairstyles that range from medium length, sharp angled cuts to sexy, long and sassy soft waves on her golden blonde hair. And she has also be known to wow the crowd with intricate up styles that are suited for her face shape and fit her personality well, giving her extra star power.
Heidi Klum Wavy Hair

As a former model for Victoria’s Secret, she knows how to style her hair in a way that makes it her own, making her a true trendsetter to watch for great hairstyles. Heidi Klum looks spectacular when she wears her long blonde hair pulled back to create a soft chignon style. This look is absolutely gorgeous with the top of her hair style as a crown with a soft goddess braid and then woven into the rest of her fabulous tresses. This is an ideal look for any special occasion especially for evenings on the red carpet. Heidi Klum is a busy actress but she is also the mother of three active young children. When she is in this mode she keeps her long blonde tresses tucked in a ponytail that is razor cut at the end with a full fringe bang to frame her forehead for a hassle free look on the go.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Celebrity Hairstyles Blog| Hair Styles Galleries: New celebrity hairstyles

Celebrity Hairstyles Blog Hair Styles Galleries: New celebrity hairstyles

New celebrity hairstyles

Celebrity women are always giving us great examples of different hairstyles. There have been some recent trends in hairstyles that are worth noting.

1. Katie Holmes is wearing a medium length layered hairstyle that features side swept bangs. She has been seen wearing it with retro curls.

2. Jenna Elfman has been going shorter and shorter with her style. She now has a short/almost medium length bob hairstyle that features side swept bangs and a deep side part.

3. Rihanna is wearing a short hairstyle with lots of heavy layering in the crown are. Different colors of highlights/lowlights are mixed in throughout the bang area.

Check out all the new looks at

Trendy, Stylish Boys Haircuts 2010

Trendy, Stylish Boys Haircuts 2010

When people think about hairstyles they generally imagine girls but boys have been getting haircuts for years. There are various hairstyles for boys. Some boys have long hair; sometimes it is longer than most girls.
2010 Trendy Haircut For Boys

Some boys like to wear their hair long and straight while others might prefer to wear it wavy. A boy’s haircut can also be longer in the back and sides with shorter layers in the front. Generally the hair is cut shorter around the face. This is a very popular style and many boys have adopted it. Another haircut features side swept bangs in the front and longer length throughout the back. Another popular haircut is a little longer in the front but cut shrort and tapered on the side. This is popular for both young and old boys because it is easy to maintain and it is always in style.
Of course some boys prefer to have their hair cut very low and they wear what is called a buzz cut. This haircut is very simple. The hair is simply cut down almost to the scalp. Spiky hair is also popular with the boys. Some boys have short layers cut in the top of their hair while the sides are shorter and tapered. Hair gel or spray can be used to create spikes at the top of the hair.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Emo Hairstyles Appropriate for Scene Kid Guys

The Emo Hairstyles Appropriate for Scene Kid Guys

Scene kid guys can have some hairstyles of scene kid girls, but if you want to be unique in your hairdo, you can have the block fringe, either short or long side fringe. Sometimes guys prefer to have bangs covering their eyes just like that of the girls.

Use hairspray to create volume to your hair with spike at the back. The sides of the face must be layered as well as at the back. Jet black or white blonde with a few bright streaks are made on the side. You can also wear bows and have a tip on the side of the fringe at shoulder length then, cut the rest of the hair short.

To have any of the scene hairstyles, you need long hair and styling wax. To attain long-hair looks, it needs some teasing around the scalp. Crazy colors are not really needed for scene kid guys’ hairstyles, but they add up to the bright appearance of your hair.

If you do not want to have a permanent or semi-permanent hairstyle with punk/emo/rock staple Manic Panic, then, you can have Streekers which is a washable streaking gel.

The good thing about scene kid guys hairstyles is that you can hardly go wrong. If you make an error and your hair falls flat, just tease if off and you’re done. If you cannot get the right texture for your desired look, just apply more hair wax and it is solved.

Scene boys sport hairstyles with proper volume, color and angularity.

Scene Kid Guy Hairstyle

Scene Kid Guy Hairstyle

Scene Kid Guy Hairstyle

Scene Kid Guy Hairstyle

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Emmy Rossum Fashionable Hairstyles

Emmy Rossum's Fashionable Hairstyles

Emmy Rosum has not been much of a style icon but yet her fair complexion, her beautiful dark brown hair, big eyes, high cheek bones and her warm smile make her easy to be spotted amongst the crowd.
Emmy Rossum's Hair

Emmy has worked in movies like The Day After Tomorrow, Posiedon, and Dragonball: Evolution, and it is noteworthy to see that she has flaunted such amazingly different hair styles in all these and many more movies. Hence even though Emmy has sported and successfully carried many different looks in her movies so has she fashioned many different hairstyles as well as but not in one case can it be said that she did not look out standing.
Emmy Rossum's Lovely Hairstyle

She has sported every type of hair style with equal élan and poise. Be it long straight tresses or medium length wavy hair, curly hair or wavy short hair. The actress has worn and flaunted it all.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

2010 Hair Tips For Men

2010 Hair Tips For Men

We always hear and read about women’s hair. But men want to have great hair too. There is no need for men to look like they have straw for hair. The following are a few good tips for any man who wants to take care of his hair.

Keep Cool
When you’ve been working out, or just had a hard day, nothing is better than a hot shower. Your hair hates you for it. Hot showers strip essential oils out of your hair and leave it dry. If you take a lot of hot showers but have dry hair, now you know why.

No Rubbing
Never rub your hair with a towel. It is the worse possible way you can dry your hair as it causes breakage and tangles. Pay your hair with a towel and let it dry on its own. If you have to use the towel to dry it more fully, then starting at your roots, run the towel over your hair the same direction that it grows. Yes, it takes longer. But your hair will be healthier.

Avoid the Chemicals
Only use what chemicals you absolutely have to. If your hair is short, you don’t really need any chemicals. Any chemical you use has the potential to damage your hair and if you like perms or colors, you need to watch out.

Conditioner is your friend. It’s not just a girl thing. Find your hair type and use a shampoo and conditioner for that type. Don’t shampoo your hair every day (unless it’s grimy of course!) but do condition a couple times a week. Your hair will look great and the ladies will love it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2010 Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

2010 Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Hair is genetically programmed to be straight, wavy, or curly. Wavy hair is gorgeous and if you are blessed enough to be born with it, everyone else is jealous. There are many people trying to get wavy hair because it is so sexy, versatile, and playful. Wavy hair is great for dressing up or down and always looks great.
Hairstyle For Wavy Hair - 2010 Idea

If you want short hair and enjoy the unkempt look, you could try short, jagged layers. With the waves in your hair, short, jagged layers give a good bit of character to your hair and the waves help your hair to appear messy. A few wispy bangs are a beautiful touch, especially if you have a high forehead.
2010 Medium Hairstyle For Wavy Hair

Cut your hair all to one length for a beautiful look that is soft and glamorous. This adds weight to the ends of your waves and gives you a more bouncy, full look. Wear long, side-swept bangs to bring some softness around your face. This look is beautiful day or night, though it is probably best to wear for a big night out on the town. You’ll turn heads during the day too though!
If you have fine hair, cut the back to the nape of your neck. Add layers up to the crown of your head; this will give you a lot of volume and height, making your hair look fuller. Add a few textured layers to soften up the sides and side sweep your bangs. This is a great look for any face shape and easy to transition from day to night.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Round Faces Hairstyles 2010

Round Faces Hairstyles 2010 Tips

Many people have round faces. There are tons of cute hairstyles for round faces that are very complimentary. Make sure you really have a round face. You can ask friends and family members, your stylist, or put your hair up in a ponytail and draw an outline of your face in the mirror with a lipstick or something else you can easily wash off. If the outline is round, so is your face. Be careful to choose hairstyles that are specifically suited for round faces; if you choose one that isn’t meant for you, then you’ll face will look heavier and rounder than it should.

The best kind of hairstyle you can have is one that will add length to your face. Go for hairstyles that have longer hair that frames your face. These are much more flattering hairstyles. One good style is the angled bob, which is a very trendy and individual style. It can easily be tailored to your particular face by just adjusting the length of the layers. Don’t be afraid because it’s a short style; the beauty of the angled bob is that it suits anyone. Let your bangs frame your face and it will look thinner and sexier.

Long straight hair is a classic for people with round faces. Use a curling iron to curl the ends towards your face and either wear no bangs or sweep them off your face. This allows the long hair to flatter your features without making your face seem more round. You can also part your hair on the side and sweep your bangs to the side as well; this looks very feminine and flattering.

If your hair is curly, there is a lot you can do with a round face. Again, it is best if your hair is a bit longer where it will frame your face. Go for loose, bouncy curls; tight curls around your face will just add to the roundness. Try to keep your curls around your shoulders and lower; this way it’s flattering without adding any roundness to your face.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hairstyles For Fall, Winter 2010

Hairstyles For Fall, Winter 2010

This fall it’s all about you and how you want to wear your hair. The past year has been full of pixie bobs, angled bobs, and extremely short cuts. For fall and winter 2010, the bob is taking a back seat to long, beautiful hair. Long hair is always sexy, even when it’s out of style, but this fall it’s back on the runways and sexier than ever.
2010 Hairstyle Idea

One way to wear your hair for fall is sleek and straight. To get this look, part your hair in the middle and use a silicone styling gel and a straightening iron. Start at the roots and go all the way down to the tips of your hair. This will give you a nice, sleek look but it does use heat, so make sure that you use conditioning shampoos and conditioners that will help your hair recover from any heat damage. With this look, you can either keep your bangs or have them the same length as the rest of your hair. If you keep them, sweep them off your forehead or cut them in a fringe that ends above your eyes.
2010 Hairstyle Idea

Wavy hair is also going to be big this fall and winter. Wavy hair is easy to maintain and you don’t have to be born with it for it to look good on you. Wavy hair suits any face shape beautifully. If you aren’t lucky enough to be born with wavy hair, it’s simple to get. Use a large-barreled curling iron or large hot rollers and just curl your hair. Let it fall naturally around your face or pin it back for a cute look. Wavy hair is versatile and you can do many different styles with it. A flat iron will take the waves back out of your hair if you no longer want them, while a medium barrel curling iron will tighten them up for you.
Wear Hair Naturally in 2010

Natural hair is a big thing this fall. It’s going to be fashionable to just be you. Wear your natural waves, naturally straight hair, or even naturally kinky hair with pride. Just find a style that you really like that suits your natural hair and be proud of what you already have. You’ll look beautiful and confident and that’s always fashionable.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

2009, 2010 Carrie Underwood Hair Color

2009, 2010 Carrie Underwood's Hairstyle Color

Carrie Underwood is undeniably a beautiful star. She has great tastes in fashion as well as hairstyles. She always makes sure she dresses for the occasion and she is well known for her beautiful blonde hair.

Many women would love to have Carrie’s color. She always looks amazing and it’s hard to not be jealous. In fact, Carrie has is a natural platinum blonde. If you are blonde and want her particular color, then you are in luck. It will be easy to drop by the stylist and get your hair lightened to the same shade as hers. Make sure you take a picture with you so the stylist can see exactly what shade you want. A natural blonde won’t have to worry about her skin color seeming at odds with her hair either.

If you are not naturally blonde, then you will have to have your hair bleached and dyed to get Carrie’s color. Again, make sure you take a picture with you so the stylist knows what you want. You may also want to consider your own skin tone. If you are very dark skinned it may look a bit strange for you to have platinum blonde hair. Of course, if that doesn’t bother you, then do not let it stop you! Just be prepared to baby your hair a bit, because it will be take a bit of work to get your hair to the right color.

Carrie sometimes wears hair extensions in different shades of blonde, so it can be difficult sometimes to get the exact color you want from her pictures. If the color you want looks like it has highlights, then play with them yourself! You can have her hair color and put your own spin on it with highlights, lowlights, and even extensions. This way, you’re still unique.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

How to be a Scene Kid with the Right Attitude

How to be a Scene Kid with the Right Attitude

Scene kids are now everywhere and it is pleasing to the eyes to see smart-looking kids dressed in punk attires with modern hairstyles but maintains a neat appearance and the right attitude.

If you want to be a scene kid with the right attitude, make sure that you are careful with your words. Avoid using language that is already obsolete like “rawr”. Avoid calling people by brands that they might hate you. Remember that you’re all kids, not animal species.
Even if you exude that kind of right attitude, however, expect some people to hate you. These groups may include punks, ska kids and local visitors that do not belong to the scene kids.

Be unique in your style and avoid copying words and styles of others that can annoy them. People can appreciate if you howl out of excitement sometimes, but don’t overdo it. People hate somebody who screams “purple hippos” all the time.

Display an aura that is of a descent scene kid with all your trimmings and accessories of a real scene kid, but not a happy-go-lucky kid. Your words will speak for the kind of a scene kid personality that you have.

Don’t focus yourself in one scene style, make it variable. There are a lot of glamour scenes and glamcores where you can choose from, it’s a matter of choosing the right designer label that suits your taste. Consider also sporting that kind of hairstyle that is “in” but not too weird. If you do this, you might be labeled a trying hard scene kid.

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Hair Styles Long

Spring Hair Styles Long
Spring Hair Styles Long

Curly Hair Styles Long
Curly Hair Styles Long

Celebrity Hair Styles Long
Celebrity Hair Styles Long

Hair Styles Long
Hair Styles Long

2009 Hair Styles Long
2009 Hair Styles Long

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Mandy Moore Haircut Styles 2009, 2010

Mandy Moore's Haircut Styles 2009, 2010

Mandy Moore is a very popular singer and actress. While she’s been likened to pop princesses like Britney Spears, Mandy’s style is much more versatile and much more real. Her style is one that anyone can get and almost everyone looks good in them. Here are a few of her most commonly sought after hairstyles.
Mandy Moore Hair

Wavy and Long
Mandy had her hair down just past her shoulders. She had it layered and had her side bangs cut to frame her face. Mandy’s bangs were parted in the middle and swept to either side of her face. If you don’t have waves like Mandy’s, use a large barrel curling iron or hot rollers and roll them in. Then use your fingers to loosen the curls to the waves you want.
Mandy Moore Updo Hair

Softly Short
Mandy’s short hairstyle is easy to recreate and beautiful for any shaped face. To get this look, part your hair off center. Pull it back into a loose ponytail and pin in back. Let a little bit of your hair come down your neck and curl towards your face. Have some side bangs and pull them back while still letting them cover just the sides of your forehead. The bangs will enhance your facial features. This is a great look that you can adapt in many ways, such as adding accessories, or braiding your hair loosely and then pinning it up in the back.
Mandy Moore Haircut Style

The Natural
For this look, have your hair trimmed in flowing layers. Make sure you go to a stylist for this one so that the layers can be done in a flattering way. Add some curls with a large barrel curling iron and loosen them into waves. If you want, pull the top layers back and pin them, as if you were putting your hair half up. Use a bit of mousse and your fingers to finish off the style.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting Bridesmaid Hair - 2010 Season Tips

Getting Bridesmaid Hair - 2010 Season Tips

One of the most unique challenges for styling bridesmaid hair is for theme weddings where the hairstyle must work with an ornament such as a flower halo which is very popular in medieval weddings. During this period of time, braided hairstyles were quite common because most of the women wore long hair and this was the simplest way to keep a neat appearance.

But today, the trends in women’s hairstyles have changed and many women wear their hair shorter. If you are a member of a wedding with a medieval theme, you can still achieve this charming “braided crown” look for bridesmaid hair by using hair extensions to elongate the hair to whatever length you want.
If hair extensions don’t appeal to you, another way to accomplish this look is with vertical rows of braids angled toward the top of the head. To complete the look, simply use ribbons that match the color of your dress and weave them into the hair. Using the ends to affect the desired look of the braided crown or you can use the ends of the braids as anchor points to secure the flower halo.
Braids were not the only stylish hairdo used in medieval wedding. During the Renaissance the use of “taping” was very popular. This style is ideal for long bridesmaid hair and done by first parting the hair at the center of the head, then twisting the two sections of hair into coils, wrapping them around the head and securing them with hairpins.