Monday, November 30, 2009

Alicia Keys Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Alicia Keys Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Alicia Keys is one of the most talented performers on the music scene today, but the hairstyles that she wears are noticed almost as much as the music she makes. She has worn a variety of hairstyles throughout the years, looking as in braids and corn rows as she is in long flowing curls.
Born with a head full of thick, luxurious beautiful brunette hair, her tresses have the volume that makes it easy for her to change her style often without breaking a sweat worrying how it will look.
Alicia Keys' Latest Hair, Medium Straight Hairstyle

One of the looks that the fans liked on Alicia Keys was when she chose the long, luxurious and shiny ringlet style. This hairstyle worked fabulously on her hair because of its texture. She was able to add height to this style by creating soft layers throughout the crown to create movement for a sassy and sexy look.
Alicia Keys' Wavy Hair

This talented songstress has several winning hairdos that are duplicated by women all over the world. When she went sleek and sophisticated with a supper straight hairstyle, it was the angled layers that made this hairstyle wow the crowd.
Always Looking Sensual, Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys uses a classic look for many different occasions. This hairstyle is full of movement and very shiny which works great with loose curls, layered for volume. She finishes off this hairstyle with a full fringe bang of tight curls that are brushed out and can fall gracefully over her eyes or be swept to the side of her face for a more sensual look.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jennette McCurdy Naturally Curly Hairstyles

Jennette McCurdy Naturally Curly Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Jennette McCurdy has been on many shows for younger viewers. She’s a favorite on Nickelodeon’s iCarly and has been on movies such as “Monsters vs. Aliens.” The actress has become a style icon for young girls with her cute and trendy looks.
Naturally Curly Hairstyle

To get her look, you need medium to long hair. This style would look good with any hair color or facial structure, so no need to go and dye your hair. If your hair is naturally curly, then all you need to do is cut your bangs straight above your eyes. If your hair isn’t curly, then you need to put some loose ringlets in your hair. A large-barreled curling iron would be perfect for this. You could also use some large hot rollers if you prefer. Let your hair fall down around your face and there you go. This style would look good on anyone of any age and could be taken from day to night with ease. If you want to get Jennette’s more formal look, where her hair is sleek and straight, you’ll need one or two straightening irons and maybe a little bit of hairspray.
Going From Wavy To Straight Hairstyle

Simply run the straightening iron through your hair to make it sleek, beautiful, and part your bangs just off center. This will give you that formal princess look while still leaving you looking girlish and innocent. This look also can be taken from the office to a night out and is simple to do. Dress it up with some nice accessories for a fancy look or wear it without any for a beautiful look to go about your everyday life in.

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Punk Style Haircuts

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Jessica Alba Hair 2009, 2010

Jessica Alba Hair 2009, 2010

Jessica Alba hairstyles gained a lot of attention in Hollywood from her role on the TV series “Dark Angel.” Through her career, Jessica Alba has changed her hairstyles frequently as well as her hair color. She has looked great in every style from long dark hair, to sassy short blond bob and long, curly waves. Even though these hairstyle changes seem effortless, expert haircutting is responsible for her being able to look fantastic in each hairstyle.
Jessica Alba Hair

Amazing might be an understatement in describing Jessica Alba in her long, blonde hairstyle. From her naturally brunette hair color to blonde for her role as “SUE STORM” the transformation was incredible and turned more than a few heads.
Jessica Alba Hair

The key to recreating this style is to shampoo your hair with a volumising shampoo, condition it well (unless you have thin, fine hair) and then use blow-dry. Be sure to blow dry your hair from the roots by turning your head upside down to add fullness and volume.
Jessica Alba Hair

Once your hair is thoroughly dry, use Velcro rollers or a large curling tong and separate your hair into small sections to create soft, wavy loose curls. After you remove the curlers, style your hair with your fingers and use a little hairspray to help keep the shape. Jessica Alba is also known for her subtle highlights in her curly style. The secret here is to keep the highlights on thin strands of hair just one or two levels above your natural hair color.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hair Colour Styles

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2009 Hairstyles Trends

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Rihanna's Latest Hair Photos

Rihanna's Latest Hair Photos, November 2009

On November 23 09' Rihanna promoted her latest CD, "Rated R", in New York City, she looked perfect with her brand new color red haircut, checkout the photos!

Rihanna's Latest Hairstyle

Red Hair Color

Super Sexy Rihannna's Latest Hairstyle

Always In Trend, True Hair Trend Setter - Rihanna

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Alexa Vega Hair Styles 2009, 2010

Alexa Vega Hair Styles 2009, 2010

Alexa Vega is a well-known teen actress, having appeared in movies such as “Spy Kids” and “Little Giants” as well as on TV shows such as “ER”. She is half-Colombian and half-Italian and her current hair is not what she was born with. She was actually born with very wavy, thick hair. She has had to dye her hair many times for different acting roles and currently is allowing her hair to go back to its natural color, which is blonde.
Alexa Vega Formal Hair

Several of her many hairstyles are simply wonderful for people with longer faces but it will work with almost anyone. To try this style for yourself, pull your hair back to about the middle of your head and pin there with a barrette, clip, or whatever you prefer. Leave a few long pieces loose to fall about your face. If that bothers you, simply use some styling gel or a curling iron to curl them away from your face where the bangs aren’t in your eyes.
Alexa Vega Long Straight Hair

Another pretty combination is to give the strands a spiral curl. This look softens the face and is very pretty and feminine; the long strands that dangle in front help to shorten the length of longer faces. This would probably not be a great style for people with very round faces as it could make them seem rounder and heavier than they actually are.
Alexa Vega Curly Hair

Another style Alexa has worn is a simple fringed ponytail. This style is great for anyone who wants to soften sharp features, make their forehead look smaller, or their chin less prominent. First, make sure your hair has lots of volume. Then just pull it back into a ponytail; this way the sides of your hair will be full of body and it will be a softer look.
Alexa Vega Sexy Wavy Hair

Finally, have your bangs cut into layers and sweep them to the side of your face. This look is beautiful, feminine, and you could dress it up to be as fancy or casual as you would like.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Ashley Tisdale Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Ashley Tisdale's Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Ashley Tisdale has the ability to change her hairstyle at the drop of a hat! She has gone from super-straight, windswept locks, to ultra-feminine curls to full and soft waves in the course of a year, amazing her fans and keeping stylists busy.
Ashley Tisdale Hair, November 2009

The key to recreating any of Ashley Tisdale styles is to start with a good haircut and keep in mind that she uses natural inversion layers. This styling technique uses layers to create a rounder shape at the crown to give the hair more volume.
Ashley Tisdale Long Straight Hair

Plus this style is precision cut through the ends to create a soft fall to the hair. This makes your hair sleek when you wear it straight and decreases the weight of your hair when you wear it curly. For women with thin hair, this technique adds body while helping the hair keep the shape of the style.
Ashley Tisdale's Sexy Hair

Ashley Tisdale knows a lot about working that fringe bang! This style continues to be popular in all kinds of variations. One of the best looks on this young actress was shaping her fringe cut into a tear drop shape, allowing her to wear it to either side of her face.
Ashley Tisdale's Wavy Hair

Most women like their hair to have lively movement and Ashley Tisdale’s hair movement is smooth and easy, great for a casual, laid back look. This is a great look and it makes for easy maintenance of straight hair. All you have to do to get this look is blow dry your hair with round brushes and you’re done.

Fine Short Hair Styles
Therefore, you can try some of the following techniques to keep your hair simple and elegant. Most importantly, use a shampoo which keeps your hair healthy and shiny. Avoid using those which leave your scalp itchy with dandruff, hair loss, dull, brittle with split ends. For conditioning solution, use a hair conditioner or softener after shampooing your hair to keep it soft and smooth, and easy to comb.

Once a week, apply hair masque all over your hair, avoiding the scalp, wrap it up with a shower cap or warm towel, leave the masque on for 20 minutes, rinse and towel dry after that. Use a hair dryer to dry your hair or just leave it to dry itself. Apply some hair cream or serum to keep hair moisturize.

Celebrity Short Hair
Actress and celebrity Cameron Diaz has short to medium, wavy hair in a back-combed style. Her hair color is blonde.

Celebrity Short Hair
Short haircuts can be found on a variety of celebrities and have provided inspiration for a variety of hairstyles from hairstyles that are cut close to the head to those which are lower, towards the jaw line of the individual…

Celebrity Short Hair
Fashion model Minerva Portillo has long, curly hair in an updo style. Her hair color is brown.

short hair styles hair
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Hairstyles, Haircuts
Cute Hairstyles For Short Hair include kicky cool to very professional hairdos. Most of the celebrities are flaunting these ultra-glamorous haircuts in various events and ceremonies. You can easily exhibit some of the trendy hairstyles by opting for short hair. It is always advisable to know your face shape in order to have most appropriate look this season.Treating your hair with high quality shampoos and conditioners is important before designing your tresses. In order to flaunt the best celebrity hairstyle, you should preferably do a bit of research on the latest trends. Consulting a hairdresser is a good idea.There are various hair makeover tools online that promises to give you an idea about your face shape. Every woman craves for a trendy and cute hairstyle. It not only transforms you but also makes you feel good.Choosing the right color is also necessary for enhancing the overall look and feel.

Halle Berry Hairstyles 2009, 2010

Halle Berry Hairstyles 2009, 2010

This fabulous actress has the reputation for wearing hairstyles that are absolutely fabulous even when they push the fashion envelope. Not only does Halle Berry have a unique style when she chooses her clothes, but the same is true when it comes to choosing her haircuts.
Halle Berry With Elegant Hair

She has changed her hairstyle frequently which simply delights her fans and makes her interesting to the celebrity photographers too. Over the course of her acting career her versatility has brought her a lot of admiration from her fans, who have watched her wear different hair colors and different hairstyle lengths from short to long.
Halle Berry, Long Curly Hair

Although the fashion police have not been asked, most people would rate the short hairstyle as the best look for Halle Berry. This actress is known for her lively personality and the short, choppy style with an abbreviated fringe bang just grazing her forehead really highlighted her fun-loving nature.
Halle Berry, Short Pixie Haircut

One of the most exciting features about all of the hairstyles that Halle Berry has worn is the shine and volume they have. This is really important in super short styles and this superstar has the carefree attitude to pull this style off where some women would wither from all the attention.
Of course Halle Berry chooses her hairstyles with care and she is a great example of selecting the right haircut for your facial shape as well. If you do this and recreate any of the great looks that this actress has worn, you too will look just as fabulous.